Hail, Pinch, Fly - Glamour Muscles

Hail, Pinch, and Fly - Glamour Muscles

It’s cold outside and many of us are starting to dream of warmer weather. While we wait and try not to freeze let’s get our glamour muscles in shape and ready for Summer. What are your glamour muscles? Those would be your Shoulders, Bicep’s, and Triceps. Not only will these 3 moves help sculpt your muscles you will find that paddling, casting, and lifting your kayak will become easier!

1) Hail to the Chief! This move I took straight from Tony Horton. Grab a single lighter weight to start with. You can always up if later if needed. Lay on your back and hold the weight in your right hand. Put your left arm by your side and extend your right arm and hand in front of you. Keeping your upper arm (bicep/tricep area) straight up bend your elbow so the weight goes to left side of your face. The goal is to pick a weight so you can do 6-12 reps. Remember 6-8 reps build muscle and 8-12 helps tone. You will want to feel the burn in the last two reps, so after your first time, adjust weights as needed. Repeat the exercise with the weight in your left hand and your right arm by your side. Be CAREFUL not to smash your face!

2) Fly baby Fly You’ll be feeling your shoulders after this move! Grab some light weights. And in this case, make sure they are light, like 3-5lbs. Stand tall with your feet shoulder length apart. With a weight in each hand raise both arms so they are parallel to the ground. Keep your arms straight and not bent. Lower them intentionally. Then raise them up keeping a steady motion the entire time. Again 6-8 reps help build muscle and 8-12 tones muscles.

3) Twist N’ Pinch Yep, you read that right. Let’s twist and pinch….your bicep! Grab a medium weight. Standing tall with one foot slightly in front of the other about shoulder length apart bring the weight in your right arm across your body. It should come along your left side. Keep your right elbow stationary, just bend it to allow the weight to move. Then keep bringing the weight up until it is by your right pec. As it reaches your pec start twisting your wrist bringing your pinky towards the inside. Continue the curl until the weight is right by your bicep. As you approach the highest point of the curl really twist your wrist causing the muscles to almost pinch each other. Then untwist your wrist and bring the weight down going across the left side of you body. (tracing the way you brought it up) Repeat the sequence with your left arm. Again, 6-8 reps or 8-12 reps.