4 Total Body Workout moves

While Winter is still here let’s get you ready to chase your passions! Below are some basic yet fun full body exercises you can do at home or when traveling? Heck why just do it when you’re at home? Take a weight with you on the road and keep your energy up and stay fit. You can do these exercises with just your body weight or with one or two weights! Have fun and let us know what you think about the workouts! Share them and tag us on social media with @Jonesinfor

Squat Throw Overs - With the weight by your feet, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down keeping your knees behind your toes and your chest up. Pick up the weight and stand up. Toss the weight over your shoulder. Turn and face the bag, repeat the sequence changing shoulders each time.

Weighted Crunches - Lay on your back with your feet planted on the ground, bear hugging the weight high on your chest. Keeping your feet planted, raise your chest along with the weight up to about 45 degrees. Concentrate on using your abs and lower back down to the ground.

Get Ups - Stand tall and hold the weight on one of your shoulders. Then lower yourself onto the ground and lay down. After a brief second bring yourself back up to standing position. Switch the weight to the other shoulder halfway through.

Chopping Lunges - Stand tall and hold the weight in front of you. Lunge forward with your right leg. As you lunge make a chopping motion with the weight to the outside of your right leg. Stand back up, then lunge with your left leg and chop to the left side.