2 Move Wading Workout

Israel Dunn of Shorebound Hero wading and fly fishing on the Wolf river

Who else here loves wading?! I know I do! Whether wet wading or throwing on a piar of neoprene waders and going out in January chasing some beautiful trout, it’s hard to beat it. Even when I’m kayak fishing, I love getting out and fishing the eddies, riffles, and more. This is a great way to get out a little farther from shore and cast to your dream catch. However, getting to your wading area can prove a difficult task at times. Whether it’s steep banks, or walking through some fast water with an uneven bottom you will want to stay safe. These 2 moves will help you keep your balance and trudging through the water with ease.

Lunge me your Balance

As the water swooshes across your legs trying to throw you down as you walking across the stream you fight to keep your balance. To help you try these balance lunges. First, stand on your tiptoes. Then step your right foot forward and attempting to get as close to a 90 degree angle in your front knee as possible (If you can’t get that low, no worries, just do the best you can). Keep your back leg straight and stay on your tiptoes. Then bring your left foot to meet the right foot. Stay on your tiptoes, and repeat with stepping forward with your left foot. Continue doing this 20-30 times.

Tall grass to moving glass

Getting up and down into the water can be one of the trickiest things to while wading because there is usually a good height difference between the bottom of the water and shoreline. This move will help you get in and out of the water with ease. If you have a weight bench, steps, or anything stable and strong enough to step on, perfect! Stand tall in front of the object (I’ll say bench to make it easy). With your right foot step up onto the bench, placing your entire foot on it. Raise yourself up and lift your left foot placing it next to your right. Then step down with your right foot and bring your left foot to meet it. Do this 20 times. Repeat exercise but stepping up and down with your left foot first. Do 20 reps leading with your left foot.

There you go! Practice these moves a couple times a week and you will be more stable, and ready to get to your spot with ease. Tight lines!

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