Load Gear without Injury

Load Gear without Injury

You’ve heard the story before, whether loading gear or moving items, people twist weird or lift something incorrectly and they end up hurting themselves. Whether it’s just a pinch or a full on throbbing pain that hinders their ability to do much of anything it could have been avoided. Sometimes you do need more than yourself and you should ask for help. Although, other times you just need to watch your form and build up some more muscle. Here is one simple exercise you can do to help gain strength and build in the correct form.

Pick it up and set it down

This move is quite easy but take it slow, don’t use any weights at first and concentrate on your form. To start stand tall with your shoulders back and feet shoulder length apart and your feet comfortable. Then step your right foot away from your right side and a little forward. (Essentially lunging to the right) Your right knee should have a 90 or so degree angle and your left knee should be bent. Keep your butt low and reach towards the floor imagining you are picking up heavy box of jig heads. Ensure that as you lean your upper body forward you are keeping your back straight . Bring your imaginary jigs towards your chest, stand up while untwisting and pretend you are putting the jigs on a high shelf above your left foot. As you are standing up your right foot goes back to it’s original position. Then go back down and repeat. Do this 20 times on that side. Switch sides and do 20 reps. After you have done all that do it again on both sides!

For more intensity, grab a light weight. Start small and work your way up. 15 pounds would be max!

Now while the majority of our equipment is light there are a couple things that do weigh quite a bit. Items like our crate, kayaks, livewell, and even a stringer full of fish. Anytime we load or unload these items we are twisting and placing them somewhere. Learn to use the proper form in a controlled setting so when you move like that in real life, you will use the correct form and not hurt yourself! All leading you to continue to enjoy our great hobby!