Coolibar Wide Brim Hat

With the hours we spend on the water we should protect ourselves from the sun and the harmful UV rays. This includes, pants, shirts, gloves, neckwear, and even hats. Many of us just wear a baseball cap but it doesn’t protect the back or sides of our neck. After looking around at many different styles and brands I wanted to try the Shapeable Wide Brim hat from Coolibar.

This hat comes in a couple different color schemes and is UPF 50+, is shapeable, and has a moisture-wicking sweatband. It was delivered quickly and the hat was true to the colors shown on their website. The fabric was lightweight and soft and the stitching was well done. All of the grommets on the sides of the hat were secure and tight.

When I first tried on the wide brim hat I was pleased with the comfort of the sweatband. Even after wearing and sweating in it for many hours on multiple trips it is still extremely comfortable. I’m not 100% sure if the moisture wicking headband worked very well. While it caught the sweat and I wasn’t overheated I did notice that the band was wet and stayed wet while I had it on.

I am extremely pleased with the breathability of this hat. The grommets worked very well to help keep air circulating in the top of the hat. The top of my head stayed cool and when there was a breeze you could feel inside the hat.

One of the features the Coolibar wide brim hat is that it is crushable. If you do any traveling this is a great feature. I’ve crushed it, folded it multiple times. Everytime I unfolded or un-crushed it the brim was a little uneven but within a minute it was back to normal and kept the position I shaped it in.

The brim of the hat does not have the same width around. It ranges between 3”-4”. Longer in the front and back and shorter on the sides. No matter if I was fishing in the morning, mid-day, or evening the brim kept the sunlight off my face and neck.

The Shapeable Wide Brim Hat by Coolibar sells for $49.50. This price is on the higher end of some headwear but falls right in line with other UPF 50+ clothing like pants and shirts. It stayed comfortable for hours on end, traveled extremely well, and did a great job at keeping the sun off my face and neck. If you are looking for a lightweight, breathable, and overall comfortable hat you need to check out the Coolibar Shapeable Wide Brim Hat because it is a CATCH!