Leg Luggage

I was introduced to Leg Luggage a couple years ago but finally pulled the trigger on it early this Spring. After using it on multiple trips I feel I put it through the paces and wanted to share my review of it.

Leg Luggage is made of soft and durable material that is comfortable to wear for hours on end. Whether you are wearing shorts or pants it doesn't matter. It keeps the basic tools a kayak fisherman needs all within an arms length and yet out of the way when not needed.

It comes with a sheath for your fish grips, pliers, and straps to connect a dive knife. Each sheath and strap are completely removable and you can put them in any position you like. Note that you do need to provide your own fish grips, pliers, and dive knife. They do not come with the Leg Luggage.

If you get it wet, it's all good as it dries relatively quickly (overnight). The material doesn't stretch overtime and can take the abuse of constantly getting gear in and out and even the random hooks that sink into it.

Leg Luggage retails for right around $40 and comes in a variety of colors. After putting it through the paces I feel that Leg Luggage is definitely a catch and worth every bit of the $40. Do yourself a favor and get yourself one. You will not regret it! http://www.legluggage.com