2 Moves for a Stronger Paddle Stroke

2 moves to gain a stronger paddle stroke

Let’s face the truth...many of us are kayak anglers. And although Winter is breathing down our necks you can start getting ready for soft water and have a stronger paddle stroke. We got into kayak fishing for our own reasons but really, we want to catch a new personal best. To help us get those honey holes we need our trusty kayak and motor. Oh WAIT! We don’t have motors, we have paddles. So let’s rev up your guns chilling on the outside of your shoulders and gain a stronger paddle stroke. Why? So you can get to that honey hole faster and catch even more PB!

Making 8’s - sideways

Paddling our kayaks utilizes many of our core muscles. So let’s make them stronger! Sit on the floor with your legs slightly bent. Your kneecaps should be facing the ceiling. Then while maintaining a straight back lean backwards towards the floor. Without falling onto your back interlace your fingers and let your palms touch. Then with your hands make a sideways figure 8 motion. Your upper body should rotate with your hands. You should feel this in your abdomen. Do this move as long as possible To intensify it, add some weights and/or get lower to the ground.

Boulder Shoulders!

Our shoulders are the one muscle group that attach our arms to our body and help transfer the energy from our torso to our paddle. So let’s not only get them stronger but build up endurance. Stand tall with your feet shoulder length apart. Now imagine you’re a zombie and raise both arms forward without bending the elbow. Bring your arms down and then raise them sideways without bending your elbow. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Do this as many times as possible. To intensify this move, add some weights!