Say No to Sore B's when Kayaking

That’s right, you read it correctly! Say No to sore B’s. The B’s being your Butt and your Back of course! Let’s face it, as kayak anglers we love being on the water and chasing our new personal best. This usually means we are out for a number of hours and usually sitting down for the majority of that time. While companies have vastly improved the seats to help keep us comfortable as long as possible our butts and back still get sore! Say NO to the soreness and give this ONE easy stretch you can do while you’re in your kayak.

First, put your rods in their holders or strap them to your kayak. Also, strap your paddle to your kayak or place it by your feet. Sit tall in the seat and have your feet flat against the floor of your yak. To do this you will need to bring your feet closer to the chair. Then put the calf of your left leg on top of the quad of your right leg. You may need to help it up with your arms. Keep your back tall and lean forward over your left calf. You should feel the stretch in your left butt cheek and lower back. Exhale and breathe deep for a couple breaths. Then put your left leg down and lift your right leg on top of your left quad.

If you are unable to get your calf on top of the your quads, then keep your feet flat against the floor and lean forward keeping your back tall. You should feel the stretch in your lower back and buttocks.

Try this move when you start to feel the soreness start to set it! Where do you get sore when kayak fishing? Let me know in the comments or tag me on Facebook or Instagram and I can help you (and others) find ways to relieve it!