NuGo Stronger Bar Review

In the video below I talk about my experience with the NuGo Stronger bar and then compare them to Cliff, Power Bar, Quest, and Luna Bars. I look at calorie count, fat content, grams of sugar, and protein count on all the bars. Be sure to watch the recording of the LIVE video below to catch it all and see if they will end up on your kayak or gym bag!

Here's some things I noticed:

  • They are the largest of all the bars I tried. Essentially it is two bars in one, however I needed a full bar (2 servings) to feel full for any length of time
  • Highest protein count of any of the bars
  • One of the highest calorie counts of the 5 bars
  • One of the highest in grams of sugar but not crazy high (11g) However when you look at the size compared to the other bars, it makes some sense
  • Delicious and not chalky
  • Filling and kept of hunger when I ate the whole bar