3 Camping Workout Moves

3 Camping Workout moves

Who loves camping? Whether you are camping with a tent or an RV you can easily do these 3 moves anywhere, anytime that will have you earning that s’mores and will help you stay fit when out in the wild!

Under the Fence

One of my all time favorite moves to do because it works your chest, back and shoulders! Get into a plank position. Scoot your feet in a 3 inches. Bring your butt up and straighten your arms so you are now in a downward dog position. Then bring your head down, arch your back and pretend to go under a fence. The fence is just in front of your hands. Then back yourself out by going under the fence. Repeat until you max out.

Get Low and Jump High

Also known as squat jumps this one will get your heart pumping and sweat dripping. With your feet shoulder length apart and feet facing forward squat down. The lower you can get the better (as long as it isn’t painful). Then jump up reaching your hands toward the sky. Land on your toes and then come back into the squat. Repeat until you do 30. Try to land quietly on your toes. For more intensity, get lower in your squat and jump higher!

Raise n Twist

Now for some core work! Stand tall and put your hands on the back of your head, elbows off to the side. Keep your core muscles activated bring your left leg up with your knee bent at 90 degrees. As your knee comes up, twist your upper body to the left. Try to have your right elbow touch your left knee. Remember to stay standing tall, and keep the core muscles, abdomen, glutes, etc.) activated. Lower your leg and untwist your upper body. Repeat with raising your right leg and twisting your left elbow to the right. Do this at a medium pace until you do 30 on each side. Speed isn’t your friend, but height is!

Then if you want to take it to the next level, repeat these exercises 2 more times with a 15 second rest between each! Good luck and have fun!