Hiking made easy

Hiking made Easy

Hiking is a superb way to get you and your family outside in the fresh air AND burn calories. This great workout can leave you sore and tired but that means you brought it! Want to go farther and see what is past that last bend? Then give these 2 workouts moves a go and build up your muscle and endurance so you can go the extra distance!

Jello Lunges

Ok, ok, the Jello sounds tasty but we aren’t eating it. Instead we’re going to lunge through it! Stand tall with feet shoulder length apart. Raise your right foot slightly and balance on your left foot. Keep your upper body straight and slowly bring your right foot backwards into a lunge, Then raise your foot up slightly and slowly bring it back in. The goal is to move slowly, like you would if you were moving through jello. Keeping your foot raised is pretty tricky so feel free to drag your toe when you bring your foot in. After you improve, just tap your foot when needed. Repeat the move 10 times and then switch legs.

Get low N’ Get High

This move is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll get low and then get high. Stand tall with your legs a bit wider than shoulder length apart. Squat down keeping you back straight. Then jump up. Use your arms to help bring you up. When you land, try to go right back into the wide stance squat. Repeat the squat jumps 20 times. To intesify it, get lower, jump higher, and add reps. If it’s really hard right away, then don’t squat down as low or jump as high. But remember to push yourself. If you don’t push yourself you won’t see results!