Backwater Assault Paddle

One of the aspects about kayak fishing that many of us love is that we can get to places other boaters can’t. We can fish the deeper backwaters that most boaters can only dream of. But when we find ourselves in the thick of it we also notice that we don’t have nearly as much room to paddle and use our full length paddle is limited. This is when you want to use the smaller, single bladed paddle. This is when you break out the Backwater Assault Paddle.

The Assault Paddle is made from Polypropylene Plastic, has UV Protection, is 22” long by 6” wide, comes in at 12 ounces, and best of all, it floats! The design is pretty sick looking with a fish skeleton in the blade and has a large hook on one end and teeth on the other. The hook is perfect for grabbing onto branches or grass and moving your kayak. The teeth help provide traction when you pushing off a wet log or anything that is slippery. Backwater also provides a 100% Guarantee. So that if it breaks because of anything, they will replace it. It comes in a dark green or bright orange color. The paddle is lightweight, strong, and willing to take a beating from anything you can offer.

I took the Assault Paddle with me on multiple adventures, some in my Jackson Cuda, NuCanoe Pursuit, and in the Hobie Outback. The paddle was easily stored underneath the seat or next to the crate and didn’t get in the way. When I was in my paddle kayaks I didn’t find a real need for the paddle. Mainly because I generally keep my full length paddle on my lap so it is easily accessible. Plus whether I was paddling in a lake or a creek my regular paddle did the trick. The Assault Paddle was handy when going through some heavily wooded areas in the back area of a creek. I was able to use the hook and grab onto branches to help push myself forward, but honestly, I couldn’t just used my hands. Perhaps if I had my regular paddle strapped down on the side of the kayak then the Assault Paddle would’ve been more effective. The story changes drastically when I fished out of the Hobie. When fishing in a lake or a place with deeper water I used the Assault Paddleto help launch me away from shore, turn quickly and make any adjustments quickly and easily. It was perfect for getting away from docks, piers, or to go reverse in the Hobie. The only time I used a full paddle in the Hobie was when the water was too shallow to flutter the drive for a medium to long distance.

The Backwater Assault Paddle costs just shy of $30. It is lightweight, strong, floats, and can take a beating. Is it a Catch or a Release? In my opinion, if you are in a paddle kayak then the Assault Paddle is a Release. Why, because it just ends up being another piece of equipment that you don’t use that often. Your main paddle will do the trick. However, if you are in a pedal kayak the Backwater Assault Paddle is a definite CATCH. It will become an invaluable tool for you on your kayak!