Fugoo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Most of us kayak anglers love being outside just for being outside. The sound of nature is one of the many things that calm us and lets us find piece. But our search of the next biggest catch sometimes takes us to waters where we hear man made noise. At moments like this or when I’m camping I like to have some music playing. This is what lead me to search around for a good waterproof bluetooth speaker. My search ended when I heard about Fugoo and their line of speakers.

After looking at their selection I ended up selecting their tough speaker. When I first received it I was a little surprised by the weight. For a speaker that is 2.4” x 7.8” x 2.9” it weighs 1.4 pounds. Nothing horrible, but definitely noticeable. But I was really excited to hear how the sound quality compares to other speakers. It was very easy to connect to my Iphone or Ipad. Although it won’t let you connect to both at the same time it just takes a press of a button and you to connect it on your device and you are set. I played a variety of Classic Rock, A Cappella, and Classical music and it sounded amazing! The speaker has a very good deep, rich bass sound, a warm mid range, and a clear high end. Nothing changed when it was playing softly or turned up all the way. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed with the sound quality. The 6 speakers (two 28mm neodymium tweeters, two 39mm neodymium aluminum domed mid/woofers and two 43mm x 54mm passive radiators) which are located with two on each wide side and one of the narrower ends are tilted upward at 8 degrees so you still get great sound when it’s placed on a flat surface.

On top of the fantastic sound it includes an omni-directional, echo cancellation microphone that connects to Siri or your android device and let’s you do voice commands. It offers a 3.5 mm plug in and a micro-usb port for charging and updating. The speaker fully charges within a couple hours but is good for days. Their website claims 40 hours and while I have not had it running that long at one time I have taken it on multiple trips for hours on end. It never let me down and played music smoothly without any glitches the entire time. Plus the bluetooth had no problem connecting when my phone was in its waterproof case. To test the bluetooth range I put the speaker in my kitchen and walked all around the house, from the basement to the 2nd floor, the garage, and even the yard with no fault in a connection. I was quite happy! You can also purchase different mounts for it including a strap mount and I believe a bike mount.

Now for the nitty gritty. The Fugoo website claims that their Tough speaker is snowproof, waterproof, shockproof, and mudproof. Well, I put it to the test. First, the speaker doesn’t float so you will need to tether it down. I dumped it in the water multiple times, threw it in the water, scooped up mud from the lake floor, and dropped it on rocks and concrete. Besides a couple small scratches from the concrete the speaker held up amazingly! No matter how many times I put it underwater, dropped it, or anything it still produced great sound.

The Fugoo Tough Speaker sells for $230. It is definitely on the expensive side for a bluetooth speaker. However, for that price you get a speaker that will take everything you throw at it and more. Plus you will get a speaker that connects seamlessly to your bluetooth enabled device that offers amazing sound quality. So if you are in the market for a high quality speaker the Fugoo Tough Speaker is a CATCH!