Skip Chocolate and Try These

Skip Chocolate - Try These

St. Valentine’s day is right around the corner and you don’t want to miss it again or get something last minute like you did last year. That will never do! Instead of getting the cute chocolates that will only added unnecessary sugar, burn off that romantic dinner by candlelight with these 3 partner moves. You can get all hot ‘n sweaty, get fit...and keep it clean. Well kind of. :)

#1 High Five Plank

Both of you get into a plank keeping the feet about shoulder length apart and the arms underneath the shoulder. Then give eachother a high five while staying in plank. Watch the video to see it in action.

#2 Sprawl-Monkey Jump-Jump Knee Tuck

You’ll be getting all fours here! Get your mind out of the gutter, this move isn’t as complicated as it may sound. And once you get into the routine it flows quite smoothly. One person lays down like a log. Then rolls to one side. The other person jumps over (raising their knees) the person who is rolling. Then they get down like a log. The person who rolled first gets up and jumps over the person who is rolling now. Watch the video for an explanation and demonstration.

#3 Partner Leg Raises

Who doesn’t love feeling skinny and gaining a six pack! Then grab your partner and do some of these leg raise throw downs. One person lays on their back. The other person stands by the persons head with their feet by the shoulders of the person who is laying down. Then the person on the floor grabs the legs of their partner. They raise their legs (keeping them straight) to the person standing. Then their partner throws down their legs. The goal is for the legs to never touch the ground. It’s tricky to explain via text so watch the video and learn. You’ll get the hang of it in no time!

After these partner workouts, you’ll have worked off some of that romantic dinner and maybe even earned some chocolate! I’d love to see how you did with them. Take a photo, video, or even just let me know! Find me on facebook, instagram, or twitter. Just look up Jonesin’ to get Fit!