Wading Workout #2

With the temps on the rise the ice from the lakes are melting and some rivers are opening up. Some of those rivers are moving quite quickly others are still slow enough that we can wade through them safely. These are the rivers and streams I can’t wait to hit! Throw on a pair of waders and go out and do some catching (hopefully)! A couple months ago I shared a Wading Workout to help you wade safely. You can find it HERE if you like. While those two mores are great, I’d thought I’d add a couple more to make sure you are fully ready to go after those river and streams with the slightly stronger currents. (Warning: be sure you check the current and be smart and safe about it. Don’t wade in any river that you are unsure of the current or depth and know it’s safe)

Walking Sideways

Sometimes it’s easier to walk sideways through the current as you’re breaking the current with both legs. To gain strength and balance stand with your legs shoulder length apart. Squat down keeping you knees behind your toes. Then step to the right with your right foot and bring your left to meet it. Then step to your left with your left foot and bring the right one to meet it. To get even more from this you can get lower and/or grab a weight and hold it by your chest.

Big Step Balance

We know we should never take a step without having a firm footing when wading. Let’s be honest, we all do at times. While I advise that you only step when you have a firm footing, this move will help you take a bigger step and have better balance. Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Crouch down and raise your left leg a couple inches while balancing on your right foot. Extend your left arm and put your left hand on the outside part of your right foot. Then take a big step/small jump (probably around 3-4 feet) in front of you. Land on your left food and raise your right foot a couple inches. (balancing on your left foot) Crouch down and put your right hand on the outside part of your left foot. Then jump backwards and land on your right foot. Go back and forth a total of 10 times. Then switch feet so you jump forward with your right foot.