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Rothschild Bankster Indicted for Illegal Banking Activities

Thanks to Unslave Me

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Rothschild Bankster Indicted for Illegal Banking Activities

Pet Vaccines cause cancer

Pet Vaccinations: Understanding Vaccinations for Your Cat or Dog

WebMD discusses pet vaccinations, including why pets need them, vaccination reactions, and more.

Is it true that vaccines can even cause cancer?

In cats, definitely, says Richard Ford, DVM, professor of veterinary medicine at North Carolina State University. Ford says most but not all scientists believe the culprit is a chemical called an adjuvant that's added to some feline vaccines. âMany [scientists] strongly recommend to avoid using any cat vaccine that is labeled "killed" or "inactivated'. All feline vaccines labeled in this way contain adjuvant. Vaccine labeled :attenuated" or "recombinant" does not contain adjuvant.

Years ago, vets started noticing tumors forming in the area between the shoulders, where cats are vaccinated. The tumors are rare, occurring in 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000 cats. Veterinarians now give this type of vaccine low on a cats' front or hind legs so they can amputate if a tumor develops, potentially saving the cats' life.

Vaccines can definitely cause cancer, says Luci T. Dimick, DVM, of The Ohio State University. She says feline leukemia is caused by a virus and is listed as a “non-core” disease, meaning that it is not regarded as one for which vaccination is essential. Yet many vets feel kittens should be immunized against feline leukemia virus, even though it’s one of the injections, along with rabies, thought to cause cancerous tumors in some cats.

What about other types of reactions?

Vaccines can make pets sick and lethargic and induce diarrhea, Casal says. Fatal reactions, though, are rare. But the controversy over the potential for reactions to the vaccines, she points out, has resulted in a backlash that could have serious consequences. Sadly, she says, 'some pet owners or even vets just trash a lot of vaccines. That means some pets aren't getting the protection they need against disease.
We've seen this in people, Casal says, which is why we're seeing more mumps and measles. Any treatment carries some risk, she says. Creevy, DVM, is a specialist in small animal internal medicine at the University of Georgia. She says it's not known why some animals have reactions to vaccines while others don't. 'It may be true that some breeds are more prone to vaccine reactions than other breeds, although this is debatable.'

The most common adverse reactions are mild and short-term, including reduced appetite, fever, and swelling at the point of injection. Allergic reactions appear within minutes or hours and may include vomiting, diarrhea, swelling, and difficulty breathing.

CDC Scientist Confirms Trump, Others Are Right About Vaccines and Autism

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CDC Scientist Confirms Trump, Others Are Right About Vaccines and Autism

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Waking Up, Speaking Up and Stepping Out

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I often pose the question why more people aren’t voicing their outrage and concerns about what’s going on in the world regarding the many programs being executed upon humanity in plain sight to all. I know this isn’t always easy to present to others, especially in certain circumstances, the most challenging of which is amongst close friends and loved ones who haven’t woken up to these realities yet.

As many of you know I’ve talked about this challenge many times. Many of the commenters on the ZenGardner website are extremely helpful to others who bring up this topic, usually regarding a mate who just doesn’t get it yet, although this often involves children and close friends as well.

I face the same challenges. This is an extremely common phenomenon and completely understandable. After all, awakening to a monumental shift in consciousness and perception is a very personal and ultimately individual experience, as it should be. However it’s not necessarily a shared one. What compounds the issue is that those who do wake up and become aware of what’s really going on usually become quite passionate researchers, only to find more and more evidence confirming the magnitude and wonder of this paradigm shift, including both horrific as well as empowering realities never perceived before.

Stepping Out to Share the Truth

I received the following email including a suggestion to cover this topic more thoroughly, which prompted this article;

I recently attended a metaphysical fair where I had the opportunity to talk to a young lady and an older man. Each had their own booth at this fair.

For the first time since my awakening, I admitted out loud that I am a conspiracy theorist. It felt really good. Sort of like coming out of the closet! Perhaps the reason we are not shouting it from the rooftops is that we haven’t been able to admit it to very many people.

What was really surprising was that the young lady said “oh, my husband is one too but I’m not” and the older man said “yes, I am one too but my wife is not.” That got me thinking how difficult it must be to keep their relationship together. I bet there are many couples in this same predicament. This may be a good topic for an article.

Anyway, Zen, I love you and your website, all of your your articles are great! Thanks for being there for all of us conspiracy theorists!

Love ya,

What Kathryn did in this simple act of stepping out is extremely important. As she put it, she “came out”. That’s when the ball starts to roll. Of course we should be as loving and considerate and wise as we possibly can, but to muzzle the truth is never the answer. The wonderful dynamic that kicks in as we exercise this new found “muscle” is that we gain the necessary tools and insights to know how to proceed.

Some will hear some of the information gladly, most will dismiss it, and many more will file it away while pretending it’s just “conspiracy talk”, only to hear it confirmed from someone else they talk to which starts taking it to deeper and deeper levels.

Waking Up, Speaking Up and Stepping Out

Lose the Fear – Declare Yourself, Wisely and in Love

I never stopped doing what I do since the time I fully woke up. I see no alternative. I don’t bash my kids and grandkids or family and friends over the head with it, especially when it’s during one of our family get-togethers that aren’t that frequent, although I have overdone it on occasion. But they know exactly where I stand. Thankfully after many years now it’s they who tell me how bad the chemtrails have been, or bring up some issue that is getting more mainstream coverage like GMOs or the militarized police crack-down and even obvious false flags now. But it’s a slow process.

Always remember, the plant can’t begin to grow if the seed was never planted.

Only recently my son found out the father of my oldest daughter’s husband has gotten deep into alternative research so my son turned him on to my site. I never thought that would happen as he’s always considered me “out there”. But that’s another of those types of indicators I often talk about that show how the awakening is not a pipe dream but very real and reaching new circles of people every minute.

Another phenomenon is that some people will accept some things but go off like a bomb when you touch something they just won’t let go of, like Zionism. That’s a biggie, especially in the U.S. The programming has been so strong for so long it takes some doing for people to open up to that issue, never mind the WW2 and the holocaust being a massively engineered scam to justify the state of Israel and play the guilt and pity card for the century to come. These are tough pills to swallow.

In those cases just feel what it appears people are ready for, maybe softly introducing or mentioning other areas they might be interested in reconsidering. Once something takes hold and gets some traction they’re engines will start and they’ll begin searching the net on their own as well as asking questions to those they know.

The 9/11 Hurdle – A Golden Opportunity

9/11 is probably the biggest gateway hurdle of all when it comes to people really waking up. I’ll bet there is a very high percentage of those awakened and now active who were jolted out of their hypnotic trance by coming to the startling realization that the entire 9/11 hoax was executed by the very people who capitalized on it. Everything else quickly cascades from there.

Waking Up, Speaking Up and Stepping Out - Wake Up, Grow Up, 911 Was An Inside Job

Waking up to the massive aerosol geoengineering program is another such gateway to realizing all is not as it seems. But again it all depends on how much people are willing to let go of their old paradigms, and it’s not easy, as they just found out basically that it’s all a lie – or soon will.

Each situation is unique but our backs are against the wall now and our very lives and those of our loved ones and people everywhere are at stake. We can’t remain silent or let ourselves be muzzled by those who don’t get it and refuse to even consider any of this, never mind the scorn and ridicule that often gets showered on us as we speak up.

When it comes to couples and family members this is particularly challenging. Most people have serious doubts and loneliness and isolation issues when trapped in these dead end relationships with loved ones and friends. My advice is to judge the situation you are in by its effect on you, especially regarding yourself as an instrument of the truth the world so desperately needs to hear.

That to me is the bottom line. But you’ll need to reach that conclusion on your own. Don’t let any one else tell you what to do. Know your convictions and then act on them. Every situation is unique. Loved ones do wake up over time, but some don’t. It’s up to each of us to judge for ourselves what our course of action is.

But in the meantime, do not let anything or anyone muzzle the truth. The rest will become manifest.

Keep Moving, Reach the Receptive and Find Kindred Souls

The answer to handling that kind of constant resistance is to move on. Go where you’re received. Find kindred souls locally or even on line as fast as you can to help bolster your convictions and widen your horizons. We each need that positive feedback and confirmation of our feelings and findings, and thanks to the internet this is readily available at any time.

I moved on. And keep moving on. And I’ve made the dearest friends of my life in the process and never cease to be amazed at the depth and breadth of the wondrous “truth community”, if you will. It’s alive and growing at an astounding rate. Sure there are pitfalls and booby traps and trip-offs along the way, but that’s how we learn. We were forced to learn in a completely wrong way so as far as I’m concerned I like to see people re-learn how to learn and let them alone while they find their way. This is what strengthens us and attunes our discernment capabilities, even if we get misled now and again.

As long as we keep on with open and sincere hearts we’ll each find our true way and come to realms of truth, conviction, love and empowerment that confirm our direction. That we can be confident of.

feel the fear and do it anyway

Lose the fear. Keep learning, keep growing and keep sharing what you learn to be true in complete fearless confidence

Other people’s reactions are not your business. Yours and mine is to get the message out there in love and courageous peace and certainty.

Our very example of fearless confidence and loving, selfless motivation speaks the loudest.

Much love, Zen

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