Space Memories (Singles) by Maaya Sakamoto序曲 - Jokyoku - Overture / Prelude / Beginning
"An introduction to something more substantial"
English Interpretations by Mumu Alpaka15 August 2019

shizuku hitotsu hitotsu hitotsu shitataru you nishirazu shirazu tsunori tsunotte yukuwatashi no oku no oku no oku no chiisana hi ga tomoru no wo miteiru> Drip, drip, drip ... as each droplets continues to drop [09]> I will try to explain for it without you fully understanding it..> While inside my deepest subconscious [08]> I've seen a little light, is being lit...
iro wo kasane kasane kasane nuritashitemodokoka kyozou jimite mieru jigazouhako wo akete akete aketemo sono naka ninanimo nai to shitara> It would not make any differences even if you keep changing the light's colors> The self-portrait of that person's image will still look like a jigsaw puzzle> Its like the more you continue opening up the mysterious box, and when you tried looked into it> It will just keeps continue coming up empty [03]
juuryoku ni sakaratte ukabiagaru tetsu no fune wa "doko e yuku no ka?"> Sir Gravity asks to the already sinking Iron Ships, "Where you all are heading to?" (Iron Ships = Space Ships)

aa naze kurayami mo naku hikari wo shirieru darouare wa saigo no tomoshibiiie youyaku todoki hajimeta raikou> Oh, how would you know that light could not exists without darkness?> Though, that was thought to be the last source of light..> Nay, perhaps I believed that the light may still be on its way [04]
hito wa hitori hitori hitori chigatteitemosaigo ni yuku basho wa onaji deshounani wo naite naite idaite ikitemo sore wa oite yuku yakusoku> If each and every one of us are all different> but we still have to gather at the very same place right? [06]> Why are you still crying, regretting and having remorse> over an already broken promise?
shuuchakuchi e mukattenoriawaseta hito no mure wa mi wo yoseau no> we all are on the same starry journey, heading towards to the greatest, furthest ends of space..> all boarding the already-so-crowded ship that seemingly was already about to sink.. [07]
aa naze ayamachi mo naku jibun wo shirieru daroukore wa tsugunai no kirokuiie, anata ni shitatameteiru tegami> aa why are you so sure of it, maybe cause you already knew it all along> this could have been a rule of atonement (for everyone)> nay, it could also just be a simple instruction / message (just for you)
ima, ima ga umareteima, ima ga owaruima ima ima wo tsumiageru ima> the moment we are born> the moment that we simply begins to end> the moment that connects with all other moments
aa naze toritomemo naku namida ga ochiru no daroukore ga nozonda ketsumatsuiie kore koso shizuka na maeburewatashi ga machiwabiteita hajimari> aa why do you continuously kept on crying, while your tears kept falling non-stop [05]> because this is something that has already been decided (like an obligation of sorts)> no, now this is truly the actual "Silent Harbinger" [01]> It was the true beginning that I was long awaiting for.. [02]

Comments and other nonsense:[01]. Silent Herald, or something like that.. which the Crimson Wizard is referring to her husband as, the Mei'li de ren.[02]. An actual true ending, of all other endings.. the end is also the beginning or prelude of something else new..[03]. Often, curiosity will only leads to more disappointments[04]. Maybe, due to the light source at a very great distance[05]. Tears that looks like falling Star-Dusts[06]. Later in the hereafter life, doesn't it also means "we are all the same in the end?" Maaya asked.[07]. This ship or spaceship, could have been "Earth" all along..[08]. She probably refer to the dream she has had[09]. wtf is this.. too abstract for me to translate or understand. If I were to explain it in words, its like she sees or hears something like a droplet in her mind, and that place is like really dark..

Song Dedication: The Crimson Wizard's thoughts towards the Mei'li de ren...

Other notes:Its not really related to the song, but I just made this song interpretation based on my understanding. Read more at my tumblr blog, mumualpaka.tumblr.com

Thoughts:After doing song interpretations, I started to think there are even more questions now.. "Simple instruction / message"
Quotes:"Misss Blum, she always insisted that it wasn't a choice at all. But always rather been an obligation. An obligation to always be true to the subject." - Quotes from, I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (2016).