Lamb Burgers

I don't like adding anything to the meat. I prefer to top with fixin's - allowing everyone to doctor their own - tableside.


  • 1/3 # ground lamb per person

  • red onion

  • tomato

  • feta cheese

  • lettuce

  • good burger buns (I've been enjoying the sesame crusted ones from the Whole Foods bakery)


Preheat grill

Form burgers and sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.

Prep fixin's and reserve for service:

  • Thinly slice rounds of tomato and red onion

  • Wash and trim lettuce leaves

  • Crumble feta

Grill to your specs. About 4 min on the first side and 3-4 on the flip side for medium well.

Serve with sweet potato fries or Greek Salad.

copyright 2008-2014 Katie Fairbank