At Warrnambool College we believe that student learning is an individual pathway, supported via a whole school approach. This includes teachers, parents and the wider community working together to ensure that all students apply themselves to achieve the best possible outcome.

We believe that students have the right to choose their individual pathway and as a school we provide students with that opportunity by providing the support and guidance to achieve this. To this end students need to demonstrate that a consistent effort has been applied across all subjects in the areas of class work, Common Assessment Tasks, Attitude and Effort, behaviour and maintaining an appropriate level of attendance.

This effort will be evidenced via feedback from Compass records and summative assessments from subject teachers who have been working individually with each student. In turn teachers will provide appropriate learning experiences to support student improvement. There is an expectation that students will seek support if they are unable to manage the tasks. It is the classroom teacher’s responsibility to contact the parent/guardian of any student who is at risk of receiving a “Not Satisfactory” in that subject and thus not progressing.