To use reports you need an eCarUp Premium license.

Video Tutorial Reports


Creating reports

Log in to your eCarUp Account. You will be taken to the overview. Check whether all charging points for which you want to generate reports are already installed in your account. As soon as you have purchased the eCarUp Premium licences, the menu item "Reports" will appear in the upper navigation bar. Select this to get to the report overview.

Station Report

Select one or more charging points. Then click on Create at the bottom left. In the pop-up window, you can now specify the VAT rate and the desired time period. Then select the desired format - you can currently choose between PDF, CSV or extended CSV. Then click on the button. All charging processes of all selected stations are displayed in chronological order. From left to right, you will see the station name, the start date, the charging time in seconds, the end date, an anonymised user number, the energy consumption, the price for the energy, the parking time, the price for the parking time and the total. The station report (CSV extended) also shows special users + additional information (see the article Station report CSV extended). 

User Report

User reports can also be created using the same procedure. This shows the consumption data of a specific user for one or more charging points. This is particularly suitable for pool charging stations where several users share several eCarUp stations. Again, select the desired charging points and make the settings in the pop-up window. The user report can only be created for driver accounts that you have defined as "special users" for your stations. By clicking on the PDF or CSV button, only the consumption of this account for all selected charging stations is output (totalled). Alternatively, a price can also be calculated here for a "free" user. 

Supported file formats

An extended CSV export allows you to process the data in your own software solution. Alternatively, the eCarUp system offers open interfaces for automated data exchange (API, MSCONS, IS-E). Instructions for the eCarUp API can be found here: API Version 1

Extended CSV Export

The extended station report CSV contains the following information:

     Important: all additional information (e-mail, ID tag and name of the RFID) is only listed if the user is known and registered with the status provider. 

User report with price calculation

Example: A price can be calculated retrospectively for employees who charge free of charge. However, the collection remains with the station operator. 

Important, currently the calculated price is not shown on the PDF & CSV. 


User Report in PDF

eCarUp report_user_demo@ecarup.com_2023-09-20 (1).pdf

Station Report in PDF

eCarUp Station Report (1).pdf

Station report extended in CSV



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