To use roaming you need an eCarUp Premium license.

Hubject is the world's largest eRoaming platform for electric car charging stations with over 300 connected shop networks. Over 90,000 charging points on three continents are connected to Hubject's open platform. Hubject enables drivers of one charging network to use the charging stations of other charging networks.

The eCarUp platform enables both the EMP functionality (drivers can find charging points of other networks in the eCarUp app) and the CPO functionality (station owners can optionally make their charging station available in other networks).

You can activate the roaming directly in eCarUp web portal. After that it will take about 24 hours until the chargepoint is displayed on the partner networks. After that, users of other charging apps can activate your station directly.

Station Owner

CPO -functionality

As a station owner, you can choose to share your station with partner network users.  The default is that the station has the status "Public" and is therefore accessible 24/7. Afterwards, users of other networks can unlock the integrated station directly from their respective app.

ATTENTION: The prices for your station will vary in the respective partner networks. You simply select a price plan, which will be transmitted to the partner network. The final pricing to the end customer is up to the respective partner network. Neither eCarUp nor you as station owner have any influence on this.

Consequently, your charging station will cost different amounts with different charging networks.

For App-Users


Drivers can activate the filter "Include partner stations" in the app under the menu items "Map" or "Nearby". Then they will see the charging stations of the eCarUp partner networks in the list of stations near you and on the map. They can tap available stations directly and then activate them as usual by clicking the "Activate" button. The billing is done as usual via the credit card they have deposited.

ATTENTION: The prices of stations from partner networks displayed in the eCarUp are based on the prices specified by the respective partner network and can vary considerably. It is worth checking the fees carefully before activating.