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Cynthia Hind: African encounters (English)

UFO literature from Africa is very scarce indeed. Apart from the latest book by Elisabeth Klarer, the only volume I am aware of is "Flying saucers über Südafrika" by Edgar Sievers, published in 1956. It was therefore with great enthusiasm I received #UFOs African Encounters" by Cynthia Hind, Africa. Mrs Hind has a broad experience in investigative reporting and in nearly 90% of the cases in the book she has interviewed the witnesses personally. "UFOs African Encounters" concentrates on the more spectacular CEIII and contactee cases from South Africa and Zimbabwe.


You can´t write a book about UFOs in Africa without mentioning Elisabeth Klarer. Mrs Hind devotes two chapters to her controversial claims. In an interview Mrs Klarer relates her outer space love affair with Akon from the planet Meton (sic). One can´t help feeling that this charming woman has been for a ride in more than one way. But what is interesting is the physical description of Akon: thin, high cheekbones, slanted eyes and the apparent agelessness. These orientaltype gentlemen have constantly appeared in contactee cases from all over the world. I have personally come across several here in Sweden. Other reports mention them riding cars, smoking, drinking and breathing our atmosphere without discomfort, so as for "Menton" I have my doubts.


The possibility of UFO-contact being a front for some other type of activity becomes even more apparent in "Edwin´s story". Edwin has been in constant radio communication with "space beings" since 1962 when he met a man named George at his work in Durban. George claimed to be from another planet and gave Edwin a radio set for communication with the space people. George then enters a flying saucer and disappears in full view of Edwin.  The author speculates: "My initial reactions was one of complete disbelief. It was either a very clever hoax on the part of Edwin...or a hoax on the part of some group - political or otherwise - who felt they were influencing unsophisticated and gullible people". Edwin´s story is certainly an intriguing one and has captivated the attention of former MUFON representative Carl van Vlierden. Mr van Vlierden will present the full story in a forthcoming book, "Cosmic dialogue", to be published at the end of 1982.


Mrs Hind also devotes a chapter to the wellknown Peter and Francis contact. Under hypnosis, conducted by Dr Paul Obertik, the couple related what happened during their lost time. According to Peter "we are ultimately controlled by them...They can make themselves appear in any form in our minds". Not a very comfortable thought for us poor mortals. But with an advanced psychotronic technology the possibilities are no doubt almost unlimited. Mrs Hind is refreshingly openminded, documenting all aspects of our festival of absurdity. Africa is no longer a white spot on the ufological map.


Cynthia Hind: UFOs - African Encounters. - Gemini, Salisbury, Zimbabwe, 1982. - 236 pp., ill.
Håkan Blomqvist
(Publicerad i AFU Newsletter nr. 25, sept. 1982-april 1983)