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Benjamin Creme: The reappearance of the Christ and the masters of wisdom (English)

Benjamin Creme - ufo contactee
On April 25, 1982 a large and expensive advertisement appeared in leading newspapers from sixteen different countries. It announced the return of Christ, who was to appear within two months, revealing his identity through TV- and radio messages. On May 14 a press conference was held in Los Angeles where the englishman Mr. Benjamin Creme proclaimed that Christ is a 40-year-old man now living in Londons East End. No name was given. Mr. Creme claimed his mission was now finished and that it was up to the journalists to find Christ.
This incident created quite a stir within the ufo and occult community in Sweden. Very few people, however, knew the background of Mr. Creme and speculation ran high. In 1981 I wrote a letter to Mr. Creme regarding some statements he made in his book The reappearance of the Christ and the masters of wisdom (1). Unfortunately I received no reply.
Benjamin Creme på besök i Stjärnsund, Dalarna 29 mars 1987
Foto: Håkan Blomqvist 
Mr. Creme is an advocate of the Alice Bailey branch of theosophy. Through personal telepathic contacts with a spiritual master he has been told that Christ has returned to earth and soon will reveal himself to humantiy. As a ufologist I was particularly interested in learning that Creme also claimed ufo contacts. The story of his life in told in the preface to his book: "In mid-1957, I began to work with a society involved with the ufo phenomenon, which claimed contacts with the space brothers... Toward the end of 1958 I withdrew from this society and entered into the closest contact with, and work for, the space brothers. The nature of this work I am afraid I may not reveal... I worked very briefly with George Adamski during a visit he paid to this country, and can vouch for the authenticity of his contacts from my own experience." (2)
Unfortunately Mr. Creme has nothing more to say anent his ufo contacts. But I think this connection between ufos and a cult-group is very interesting. Hopefully some of our english colleagues can make a more thorough documentation of the case. There is one peculiar remark in the book which puzzles me. Mr. Creme relates: "One night, early in 1959, so clearly there was no mistaking, I heard inwardly the instruction: Go to so and so (a place in London) on such and such a date and time, some three weeks ahead. On the night there were people waiting to meet me. That was the start of a flow of messages which came in gathering momentum." (3)
Who were these people? Expert mind-manipulators perhaps? Nothing more has been heard from Mr. Creme since the Los Angeles press conference, but we´ll keep our antennas up.
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Håkan Blomqvist
(Publicerad i AFU Newsletter 24, May-Aug 1982)