My name is William James HALOUPEK, and I was born 5 Apr 1956 in Des Moines, Iowa. I was adopted at age 6 months, and I never knew much about my birth parents. The adoption papers say that my birth name is Gary Lee GAPINSKI.

I called the Iowa Children's Home Society. Apparently, Iowa has passed a privacy law, so I can only get them to tell me general results. What little I know about my birth parents is on my Birth Mother page. Not having much to go on, I had DNA testing done by the Genographic Project (from National Geographic) and AncestryDNA (from Ancestry.com). A summary of the results is on my DNA Results page.

Now I think I have identified my birth parents. One of them is still living, so I won't name names. The next 4 charts show the ancestry of each of my grandparents. Click for larger view.


The MARTIN/MERTEN line, which is my paternal line, with paternal haplogroup I-P109, goes back to Merten of Ferndorf, who was born about 1500. Some of the branches off that line probably go back even earlier. I still need to verify the ancestry on the old MARTIN page, done when I was much more accepting of stuff found on the internet. I have not verified James CROWLEY and Dorcas SMITH, but have put them in temporarily since many researchers have. The SPRUILL line goes back several more generations, and undoubtedly traces back to Dr. Godfrey SPRUILL (1718-1760) of Tyrrell, SC, but I'm not sure of the exact lineage. The ADAMS/MEDCALF line goes back to William MEDCALF, born about 1620, who immigrated to Maryland around 1638. That is if I can verify that Amelia MEDCALF was the mother of Salathiel ADAMS. Similarly, Joseph HARRIS is somehow connected to the descendants of Charles HARRIS, b. about 1600 in Scotland. William CHRISTIE was the son of Ned CHRISTIE (1785 - 1845), a full-blood Cherokee. 


I have traced 2 more generations of the BOYD ancestry. It comes from Clan Boyd, in Scotland, but the lineage is uncertain. I'm not sure about the parents of Sarah Anne KELLER. The HUNTLEY ancestry goes back 5 more generations, to my 8g-grandparents, John and Jane HUNTLEY, Henry and Sarah CHAMPION, and Balthasar and Alice DE WOLF, all of whom immigrated from England to New England in 1645-7. 


I was stuck on Fred A. GAPINSKI for a long time, and finally realized that he went by his middle name, Albert, when he was young. So I was able to find his parents and siblings, and names of grandparents in Poland. Louisa HAUSLEIN's ancestors came from Germany, and I'm making more progress on that. Fred HAUSLEIN's mother was Sophia M. F. SASS. Fred was adopted by her second husband, Philip HAUSLEIN. So I'm not genetically related to the HAUSLEINs, except for the descendants of Sophia and Philip.


The Sara LEE ancestry can be extended several more generations, with some branches in early colonial New England, and extending into England. I'm drawing a blank with Margaret SHARKEY. She is in my maternal line, so she should have maternal haplogroup H3as.

The AncestryDNA results included several close matches, to whom I could send messages, through their message system. There were are now 2 possible 2nd cousins, 9 possible 3rd cousins, 388 possible 4th cousins, and many more distant cousins. Many of these people have posted their ancestry trees, in hopes of finding their distant relatives. I don't have much to offer them in kind, but I am starting to gather some information. I also uploaded my data to FTDNA and GEDmatch, and have found many more close matches, and I'm learning to use the chromosome browsers.

I was sidetracked several times by the DNA Circles on AncestryDNA. As a result, I have pages on BALDWIN, GAMACHE, G'SELL, KERN, MORGAN, WEBSTER and WRIGHT covering families that are not in my direct line. I don't want to delete these, because I did so much work on them, and they might be useful to someone.

Using DNA Circles, and my own triangulation, I first identified several probable ancestors, mostly people born between about 1750 and 1850. My research started with these individuals, and worked backward in time to find origins, and forward in time to find connections, eventually leading to my grandparents, and then my parents and siblings. I'm still not certain about the parents!

About 80% of my close matches were on the MARTIN/HUNTLEY side, and at first I suspected that my biological parents were related! But there is another side - the GAPINSKI/EATON side - and I guess that fewer relatives on that side have tested. 

Age 20

I started working on my adopted parents' ancestry in about 2008. All of those ancestors came to the US in the last half of the 19th Century, mostly from Bohemia, although one line came from Schleswig-Holstein, and another from western Poland, then part of Prussia. About 100 years ago, all my great-grandparents lived within about 10 miles of Chelsea, Iowa. So I spent a lot of time researching Central European history, and reading German and Czech.

In 2014 I had a DNA test and started researching my biological history. See the Birth Mother page and the DNA page. This ancestry has been much different from my adopted ancestry. Every line that I have been able to trace has gone back into the earliest colonial settlements of the US and Canada. Most came from England and Scotland, with one line from western Germany. The Gapinski name comes from Poland, and there is still a mysterious hint of Scandinavian ancestry in my DNA that has not shown up in my close matches.

This is a supplement to my main genealogy page, which is about the ancestors of my adopted parents, who I always considered my "real" parents!

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