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2013-05-07 56X Buick

Subject: 56X BUICK MAY 7 2013 WORK SESSION -


VOLUNTEERS : Bob Boorsma, Don Bratt,  Del Carpenter, Connie DeJong, Ryan DeVries, Ron Elzinga, Don Feutz, Don Mayton, Art Meidema, Dick Saddler, Chuck Snow.


Photo #1 shows Ron installing the right insulation 1/4 pad. Also pictured is Connie removing the right door CV glass assembly.


Photo #2 shows the left corner post that houses the CV window. Also on the table is the right CV glass in its frame. All these parts are being removed to prepare for the chrome plating process. However much metal finish must be done prior to the chrome plating. Connie and Art have been taking all of these parts off of the car as well as repairing them where necessary. Don Feutz then takes the many parts that have been removed and preparing them for chrome plating. Dick Saddler and Don M. also have been working on preparing parts for chrome plating.


Photos #3 & #4 show deterioration of these component as well as weld repair that must be done in preparation for chrome plating.


Photos #5 through #9 shows the power antenna staff that is badly deteriorated with rust. We need to find a lot better one that can be sandblasted and painted as the top threads are rusted through. The original metal is so rusted that there is no way to repair this part. Would anyone out there know of any 1956 Buick that is being parted that has a power antenna?


Del has managed to now have three power lift units with working motors. We have not located enough parts to assemble the right front power lift motor mechanism. Again, a 1956 Buick Century with power window lift for either a 2 door coupe or a convertible is what we need.


Bob Boorsma continues to gather parts for the instrument panel that needs prepared for chrome plating as well as the parts associated with the wiring.


Don Bratt continues to work on the next video for the Futurliner.


Chuck continues to work on the interior in preparation of the seating bucks that must be built.


Chuck has also make a part for the 1929-55X Buick that will be painted and used until a steel replacement part is either made or purchased. 


Don M.