FoonG sin chen

3E1 (2018)



3E1 (2018)



HOD (Student Development)

History/Elements of Business Studies

Choosing a secondary school after PSLE was a big decision back then. It was not easy to find schools that you like and are able to qualify to enter the school. However, I managed to find mine. I chose Juying Secondary School as my first choice. Juying Secondary School is my first choice because the school provides Applied Learning Programme (ALP). ALP is a platform that allows us to do and learn public speaking. It helps us in gaining confidence and skills to speak in front of a big crowd. It would be helpful for us when we need to do presentations when we step into polytechnics or the working world.

One of the key events that I really enjoyed is the Annual Fitness Run. It was held at the SAFTIMI. It was not only a rare opportunity to be able to run at the military base but it was also fun doing cheers as a class and as a cohort.

My favourite teacher is the Secondary 2 Year Head who is also my History teacher. She is none other than Mrs Amy Yeo. She might be a strict teacher but she can be fun and humorous too. She does not mind staying back with her students to provide after school hours consultations. She will always go the extra mile to help us in our studies.

The highlight of every school would be the CCAs. My CCA that I really enjoy is the Symphonic Band. It is always fun being able to play an instrument and playing interesting music pieces. But, the most wonderful thing is the people in this CCA. Everyone is friendly and bonded together. Our instructor, Mr Jasen How, is not like a teacher to us but more of a friend. There will always be a fun learning experience in the Symphonic Band.

I received a scholarship after choosing Juying Secondary School as my first choice. With the scholarship, I am able to purchase more books that aid me in my studies. It was indeed great to be a scholar from Juying Secondary School.

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