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Simonstown & Fish Hoek

Simonstown - Jewel of the South


These routes are taken from the descriptions by Tut Trainor in 1980. His original handwritten notes give an interesting account of the routes and activities around Simonstown at that time. Tut was awarded the Mountain Club Gold Badge in 1985 for his outstanding contribution to conservation and mountaineering. His obiturary published in Veld & Flora of June 1985 makes interesting and moving reading - he was a remarkable man. (With thanks to his son Martyn 'Spook' Trainor for making these available.)






Elsies & Redhill



Seaforth to Boulders




Elsies Peak summit and Circumnavigation



Boulders to Franks Bay




Elsies Pk Brakkloofrant


Dorries Path to SAN Barracks




Redhill to Grootkop



Old Mule track to Blockhouse




Redhill via Grootkop to Scarborough







Redhill via lakes to Ocean View



Swartkop to Smitswinkel



Glencairn Ridge



Klaasjagersberg via Swartkop




Old Redhill Pass track



Admiral's Walk to the Waterfall

 1 / 3



Steps to Nuisances Grave



Redhill Direct 



Outlook Ridge 'C' 



Descriptions to follow - Martyn Trainor has volunteered to help with this section!

Note:  All these routes that we have walked and explored in the mountains around Simonstown have been inspired by Tut's pioneering work. The scanned copy of his original notes are a little hard to read on screen.  Any volunteers to type them up?

Tony Heher,
Apr 22, 2012, 6:38 AM
Tony Heher,
Apr 22, 2012, 6:38 AM