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Mt Zebra Park

MM Mt. Zebra Park Idwala Hiking Trail

Mt Zebra Park Idwala Hiking trail

Location: Mt.Zebra National Park approx 15 km beyond Cradock Eastern Cape. 

Overview: This interesting circular day hike from the main Rest Camp can be rather overgrown in places. After the death of a hiker gored by a Buffalo in July 2010, the trails in this park are now guided by armed rangers.

Key Statistics
Grade:  1 **/* depends on grass length
Height gain: not much
Time 4-5 hrs depending on party

Route Description: 
10km of fairly easy hiking on roads and paths, some of which get hidden by long grass after the rainy season. The main feature is the 22 ton Dolerite boulder that slld 250m down the mountain slope in 1974, making a noise for half an hour that was heard in Cradock.  

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