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Wood-Spring Traverse

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Location: A composite route with some exposed rock climbing pitches, usually started from the 3 Firs route on the side of Spring Buttress, but it can also be done starting from Woody Ravine.

Overview: It is necessary to have an experienced leader who is a rock climber and has a rope and safety equipment to protect the party on the 2xC grade pitches.

Key Statistics
Grade:  5 **** rock climbing necessary
Height gain:  324m: from 366m to 690m but not yet at top of Woody or 3 Firs though
Time:  3-4 hrs up,1-2 down depends on route

Route Description:
A high level traverse running across the full width of the great cliff that rises out of Wood Ravine. The route may be done in either direction starting from high up Woody Ravine, or from high up on the 3 Firs path. This description is from Right to Left.

Start up the 3 Firs path, and from quite high up a line of beacons indicates the line to traverse left around Spring buttress. There is also a lower line of beacons on the left seen from the 3 Firs path ascent, and these can also be followed up a gully and rib until reaching the higher line of traverse beacons. 
The traverse crosses the last scramble gully on the Spring Step-Over route, then continues on bushy ledges and rocky bands across another gully then around the Spring Needle rib, when a bushy slope is descended a short way to a rock ledge. Somewhere along this section is a short rock step that is often roped for safety. 
Follow this rock ledge until up against a large square rock rib blocking the way. Here a roped belay is necessary for the delicate step down and long reach to the corner using a hand rail. The drop is considerable. Beyond this continue with care over blocks and along the narrow and sometimes muddy, slippery ledge into Woody ravine.