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Hole in the Wall and Cavemans Overhang

Caveman's Overhang

Location: Both routes are on the Wynberg Cave's ridge between Orange Kloof and the Back Table road. 

Overview: The routes may be done individually or as a combination. They are popular but should not be done in wet conditions.
Access is either from the De Villiers dam end or from the (now getting overgrown) caver's access track at the West end of the Wyberg Caves Ridge.

Key Statistics
Grade:  2 ****
Height gain:  515m: from 215m (Constantia Nek) to 730m
Time:  2.5 hrs up, 2 down depending on route

Route Description: The most popular way to do these routes is to start from the path at the Overseers cottage leading to the corner of the De Villiers Dam. A short way right up the bushy track, a vague path lead off westwards along the slope overgrown with protea bushes. This is the "Hole in the Wall' route which may be done completely eventually descending from the ridge into a woody gulch and out the far end via a bush bash through reeds to get to the Back Table road. Alternatively at the 'False' Hole in the Wall rock formation is the path for continuation onto Caveman's Traverse. At the end of that an ascent up onto the Wynberg Caves ridge enables an escape to the Back Table Road.

Hole in the Wall