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Corridor Ravine

Location: Open ravine between Slangolie and Corridor Buttresses 

Overview: Corridor Ravine is the furthermost ascent from the Pipe Track/Contour path that is maintained by SAN parks. It is an easy open ravine with no obstacles, and is often used as a descent as in these pictures. The ravine is unexciting, but the scenery to get there is spectacular.

Key Statistics
Grade: ** unexciting but useful
Height gain:  520m: from 180m at Theresa Ave. to 700m at Apostles path
Time:  2-3 hrs up, 1-2 down depending on route

Route Description:
From Theresa Avenue, Rontree Estate parking, hike the cement road which eventually joins the Pipe Track. Continue South on this past Woody Ravine, up the slope to the old pipeline around the corner then down into Slangolie stream bed. Pull up in the forest to Slangolie Cave, and continue around Slangolie buttress until you get the spectacular sight of Corridor Buttress. The path now ascends Corridor ravine to meet the Apostles path.