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Silverstream Ravine

Eastern Table area. This ravine is to the left of Platteklip Gorge on the front of the mountain, and runs diagonally up leftwards. See also Silverstream-Ledges Traverse and Ledges for more information. 

Overview: The bottom of the ravine is blocked by a waterfall, which is bypassed well to the right up the slope until possible to traverse into the ravine just above the waterfall. The bottom pitch can also be bypassed by simply continuing up the ravine on the right. The first pitch on the top section can turn into a slippery waterfall so avoid if wet. 

Key Statistics
Grade:  5 *** All the pitches need to be roped 
Height gain:  600m: from TM road at 400m to back table at approx 1000m
Time:  4 hrs up and 3-4hrs down. Easiest way down is via Platteklip .. or the cable car!

1st Pitch (low in ravine)
Mike Scott (leading) & Alec Bond Smith 

2nd pitch (high in ravine)
Tony Heher (belaying), Eric Harley