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Location:  The climb starts from the end of the Saddle Knife edge where it abuts onto the East Face of TM. To gain the Saddle, use the Zig-Zag path from the Table Mt road, or Newlands ravine. Climb higher to get onto the Knife Edge, then along that ridge. 

Overview: The only scrambling route up the East face of TM above the Saddle. NB It is recommended that this is only used as a descent route after the Silverstream Traverse, if someone in the party is familiar with Ledges. Finding the way down is harder than finding the way up! 

Key Statistics
Grade:  5 **** Usually only the top pitch is roped, but several tricky Grade 4 sections
Height gain:  600m: from TM road at 405m to Firtree at approx 1000m
Time:  4 hrs up and 3-4hrs down. Easiest way down is via Platteklip .. or the cable car!

Route Description:
See slideshow or photo album.

Note: Between the Sloping block and the chimney, the route braids with several variations. There are no major differences and it doesn't matter much which option is taken. However this does make life a bit trickier if coming down Ledges after doing the Silverstream traverse. This is particularly because as of the date of this update (May 2014) the route has become significantly more overgrown.  The braids make each path less well used and at times one has to look carefully to find the path again. 

Tony Heher,
May 7, 2014, 3:33 AM
Ledges & Silverstream.gdb
Tony Heher,
May 7, 2014, 3:33 AM