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7 Buttresses Apostles Traverse

This fun 'B' grade scramble composite traverse route from the Diagonal Path crosses Porcupine, Jubilee, Barrier, Valken, Kasteels, Postern and Woody buttresses. It was pioneered by Mike Scott in about 2008 using old climbing access routes to the crags. Although it has become reasonably popular since Karen Watkins published it in one of her guide books, several sections are still very overgrown and parties should wear long pants and long sleeved shirts! (Note also that the description in Karen's excellent guidebook "Off the Beaten Track" misses the last section up to the Postern cliff face and across onto the Woody scramble by doing a continuation of the traverse below Postern, around Woody into Wood ravine.) 

There are escape routes off after Valken (down Valken Ravine) and after Kasteels (down Kasteels Poort) so can be done as 4- or 5- buttresses instead of 7. 

Key Statistics
Grade:  4 **** mostly easy going but exposed in places and a couple of tricky pitches
Height gain:  Initial height gain is up Diagonal, then mainly a traverse until on Postern. 
Time:  5 hrs up and down for a fast party, 7 hrs for a normal party. 3-4 hours if using one of the shorter options.