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Wynberg caves & ridge

Aerial View

Location: The skyline ridge above the head of Orange Kloof. 

Overview: 'B' grade rock scrambling traverse past the entrance to the Wynberg caves, Bats cave, and the Titanic overhang.
It is easily accessed from the Jeep track from Constantia Nek on the Back Table at the Victoria and Alexandra dams. The ridge has a wooded gap between 2 prominent buttresses as seen in this picture:

Key Statistics
Grade:  2 *** Depends on route finding and bush avoidance
Height gain:  N/A
Time:  2-3 hrs depending on route and tea/lunch stops

Route Description:
The traverse may be done in either direction, but is easier done from West to East as in this description.

The Western end of the ridge may be accessed either after doing one of the ridges out of Orange Kloof, such as Dingaan's Ridge or Room With a View, and then crossing the vlaktes to it, OR follow the old Caver's track that starts at a gravel pit clearing near the West end of the Victoria reservoir.

There is ample scope for variation on the first section and either skirt the South side or use the wooded gully on the left (North) side until reaching Hole in the Wall route beacons. If you skirted the South side these beacons (cairns) will be on on the crest of the ridge after a prominent prow easily visible from the Jeep Track, or if you followed the wooded gully then the beacons will be down in the gully. Here you follow the overgrown track out of the woods and along the North side of the valley heading for the Titanic overhang on the next section of the rocky ridge. Alternatively continue in the woods past Bat's cave and then exit North. Some B scrambling pitches including an awkward step across a gap is necessary to reach the Titanic overhang. Then go around the North corner and scramble a succession of ledges and chimney cracks, including a tricky step down near the end, until the ridge opens out above the vlaktes. Now either get off the ridge to reach the slight path out to the Jeep Track, or keep going until intersecting the path down to the De Villiers dam.