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Wood Ravine (aka Woody Ravine)

Location: Starts off the Pipe Track below the 12 Apostles buttresses 

Overview: This is one of the few official SAN Parks ways up Table Mountain from the Camps Bay (Atlantic) side. NB Note that the slideshow pictures of the route are the reverse, i.e. descending the ravine, which is also a popular and safe way down the mountain.

Key Statistics
Grade:  1/2 ***
Height gain:  350m: from +/-400m to 733m approx
Time:  2 to 2 1/2 hrs up or down 

Route Description: 

Start from Theresa Avenue, Rontree Estate, Camps Bay. The SAN Parks sign is just inside the boom across the Fire Fighting access track. There is no proper parking facility, so please do not obstruct resident's entrances as it gets very congested on a fine weekend day. If walking from Kloof Nek, then add at least another 30-45 minutes hiking time each way.

Woody Ravine is some distance beyond the start of the signposted Kasteelspoort path, and is around the far side of Wood Buttress after passing the old Stone built Break Pressure Tank. Currently the start still has an old iron signpost, and several spare sections of large Pipe lying on the ground. The path initially ascends in a lovely forest of gnarled old trees, and is mainly on the left of the stream bed, but a section in the middle follows the stream bed. This part is rough as it received a battering from a large rockfall some years back. 

The higher sections still retain most of the built up rock steps, though in places the pressure from so many hikers and trail runners is causing collapse. The top section passes the spectacular Wood-Spring Traverse ledge, and the sheer wall of the side of Spring Buttress, making a Poort with a great view back down to the coastline.