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Kloof Corner Ridge

Kloof Corner Route Overview
Location: On the far left (west) side of the front face of Table Mountain, just to the right of the cableway (looking up) 

Overview: A pleasant winter's day climb (it can be very hot in summer) with a number of variations.  The final finish is up the famous "11 inch crack".   It may not be 11 inches, but certainly should not be attempted by the large of girth!
The Kloof Corner Pinnacle variation takes in all the rock avoided by the normal route and meets at the 'Poort'.
Below is the start of the Pinnacle variation pitch and on the right the original start at the first chain.

Key Statistics
Grade:  5 **** plus grade 3-4 scrambling, with optional chains on some pitches (depending on route)
Height gain  560mfrom 320m to 880m
Time:  5-6 hrs up, 1-2 down depending on route, size of party and if how many (if any) pitches are roped

Route Description:
The start is from the sharp left hand bend in Tafelberg Rd before the cablelway.  From there go up the steps and zig zag path to the contour path at Kloof Corner.  There are two alternative routes from there.

The classic "normal" route is up the chains about 50m left of Kloof Corner (or the short harder rock pitch about 15m to the right of the chains which is the Pinnacle variation.) From he top of this pitch, traverse left and then up to the base of the 2nd pitch - which can be walked around. 

The alternative for those who don't like the chains (they are not very pleasant) is to go go along the contour path and up India Venster for 300m, and then traverse on a faint path across to Kloof Corner gully. 

Ascend the gully to the window which looks over into Cairn Ravine. Scramble up on the left and out to the ridge (Pitch 3 or 1 depending on the start taken!)  From a stance, move out right on very exposed airy footholds overlooking Cairn Ravine and then up about 20m to stance on a platform. (Pitch 4 or 2). Not difficult but very exposed, so many may prefer a rope. 

The alternative to this pitch is to move left and go up on slippery, greasy chains! 

Once on the ridge again, continue on up with a few more steps and scrambles until the final "11 inch crack" is met.  Wriggle into and up this, exiting on the city side on small footholds, admiring the view of the lower cable station between ones feet about 2000 feet below! 

Walk off the ridge and meet the India Venster path as it comes round to Fountain Ledges.  Return either down India Venster or continue on up to the cable station. 

This as mentioned above is a variation to the ordinary route and starts a few metres right of the first chain on the contour path. Thereafter it follows the rock scrambling to the right of the path under the power lines until at the steep narrow gully where it the joins the usual route. This slideshow features the second chain avoided by the climbing variation shown in the other slideshow.