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Not Woody Buttress

Location: On the south side of Wood Buttress, taking off from the contour path and ending just north of Wood Ravine. 

Overview: A pleasant shady alternative to Wood Buttress. Generally easier scrambling than Wood Buttress. Uses parts of Ken Cameron's 1908 Wood Gully and 1910 South Ridge routes.

Key Statistics
Grade:  3 *** Some exposure near the start
Height gain:  540m, from 180m at Theresa Ave to 720m
Time: 3-4 hrs up, 1-2 down depending on route

Route Description:

The route goes from the pipe track up past the exit gate for the Woodhead tunnel to a sandstone overhang on the corner of Wood buttress. Then clamber a ledge around the corner to the right and continue up steps on the South side of the buttress. After a zig zag along ledges ending in a rocky corner, the crest of the buttress is gained at the 'B' grade undercut recess on the Woody route. 

Move round right and down into Woody Gully and underneath the huge chockstone. Exit right onto a tea ledge. Continue until it ends in a slope and move back diagonally left and up a friction ridge into a grassy twin gully. Ascend the left side to a slope which is climbed up to a vegetated cliff. Do NOT traverse off into Wood ravine, but follow beacons diagonally up left until reaching the usual Wood buttress path. Cross this and go up around the left corner of the buttress which comes out on top below the little elephant rock.