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Cecilia Ravine

Location: Ravine to the left of Cecilia Ridge

Overview:Cecilia Ravine has no formal description elsewhere, and was formerly called Cecilia Gorge. It has become very overgrown and it is easy to lose the track (it’s NOT a path) and get bushed up.

Key Statistics
Grade:  2 * Easy but steep loose scrambling. 
Height gain:  280m: from 375m to 655m
Time:  2 hrs up, 1 down depending on route

Route Description:

Start from Cecilia forest. Kirstenbosch or Constantia Nek. The route starts to the left of the Cecilia waterfall on the contour path (by continuing up towards Spilhaus ridge a short way if coming from the Kirstenbosch side) then do a high traverse into the stream bed in order to get above the waterfall. Continue up the stream bed until forced out onto the right steep slope up lots of leaves and rotten trees. This is where it is easy to go wrong so don’t go up too soon.
If you are at the correct height, a narrow traverse leads onto a cave like rock ledge, with even narrower traverse off at the far side.
From here the ravine is more open and higher up move out onto the left hand side and under tree branches next to a small cliff. 

(Before moving up left you used to find metal remnants of an old blue car that had been crashed or pushed down from the road above.)

When the trees end, keep left until possible to scramble and bush bash up onto the flat top of the buttress a short distance below the Back Table road from Constantia Nek.

001 View of ravine 
 002 Crossing Cecilia ravine on the contour path
 003 The traverse into the stream bed
 004 Traversing into the stream bed
 005 On the rock ledge
 006 On the rock ledge
 007 Leaving the rock ledge
 008 Moving up through the trees
 009 Top section of Cecilia Ravine
 010 Approaching the bits of car wreck
 011 Bits of the old car wreck
 012 Under the tree branches on the left side
 013 The open top part of Cecilia Ravine
 014 Bush and rock scrambling out of the ravine
 015 Topping out below the road