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Llandudno Buttress

Location:Refer to the description for Llundudno Ravine 

Overview: The Mountain Meanders description for Llundudno Ravine is for the Left Hand Route ‘B’ (used to be called ‘A’ in the 1952 MCSA route list), and as it makes reference to the Right Hand route ‘B’ there is no separate write up for that. What is climbed nowadays as the Right Hand ‘B’ ravine route is actually most of the Buttress route.

Look at Bert Berrisford’s photo page 100 in the 1932 MCSA Journal and the real Ravine route is way over next to Bee Buttress and is what climbers use for the descent from the Rock climbs on Bee Buttress. As it is tricky, and a bit overgrown, it is not described on Mountain Meanders.

Key Statistics
Grade: **
Height gain: Same as for the Ravine route
Time: Same as for the Ravine route