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Little Lion's Head

Location: The prominent Pimple shaped mini Lion's Head peaklet above Llundudno and opposite the famous Suikerbossie restaurant and Ruyterplaats estate.


Key Statistics
Grade:  3 ***
Height gain:  215 mfrom 150 m to 365 m
Time:  2 hrs up, 2 down

Parking & Approach: Park outside the Ruyteplaats gates on the road up to the Suikerbossie restaurant. If you are climbing the peak and descending on the South side instead of returning the same way then arrange to park a car at the Sandy Bay Nek parking area in the Helgarda estate, unless you are happy to slog back up the tiresome Suikerbossie Hill. 

Route Description: Walk back to the main road down to Hout Bay and cross over to the MyCiti bus stop. Behind this is access to the culvert on the hillside. Walk up the culvert until able to climb out onto a path.Ascend the gravel path to the rock bands which involve some easy rock scrambling up to a diagonal chimney. This is the most awkward part, and it may be necessary to help people with their packs, or even to use a rope.

The descent from the summit Trig beacon is either back the same way, retracing your route, or you can descend on the South side aiming for the Sandy Bay Nek. There are several rock steps to be negotiated which need care, as well as a traverse next to a big drop. After the last rock band aim for the grove of Pine trees for a shady stop (if they are still there when you go!). The overgrown path continues down the ridge until reaching a road that zig zags down to the Sandy Bay Nek.

Resources: Currently no permit is necessary, but this may change as housing development increases and more fences appear blocking the shortest way down.