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Front (North)

Table Mountain from Devils Peak to Lions Head

 Map Ref Route Name Grade:
 Devil's Peak
 [A] Mowbray Ridge  3 ***
 [B] Devil's Peak via the Saddle  1 *
                Saddle Ravine                          2***          
 [C] Contour paths  1 *
 [D] Eastern Ridge  4 **
 [E] 1st Waterfall Ravine  3 *
 [F] Blockhouse Ridge
 3 **
 [G] Oppelskop Ridge  3 ***
 Front Face
 [H] Ledges   5 *** 
[I] Silverstream Ravine
 5 **
[J] Silverstream-Ledges  4 ***
[K] Centre Left Face B  3 ***
[L] Platteklip Gorge  1 *
[M] Right Face - Platteklip  3 **
[N] Right Face-Arrow Face  3 ****
[O] India Venster  3 ****
[P] Kloof Corner  5 ****
[Q] Traverse of the Gods  5 ***
  Lion's Head
[R] Lion's Head Normal 360 route 2 ***
[S] Lion's Head Twirly-Whirly ('B')
3 **
[T] Lion's Head South East Arête
5 ***

The north side of Table Mountain (TM) has three main sections: Devils Peak, the front face of TM itself and Lions Head. All have interesting walks and scrambles.  Lions Head is the shortest and easiest while the front face offers some spectacular 4-star routes in the "must-do-at-least-once-in-a-lifetime" category. These routes exist alongside the easiest way up the mountain, Platteklip, so there is also always an easy way down.  A climb up and the cableway down is a popular option but watch the wind and always be prepared to walk down! 

A four page 1: 15 000 map of the Front Face showing main paths and access points and a two page 1:10 000 map of Devils Peak are available (see below). Note that these pdf maps are always inferior to the published paper maps available from Slingsby's or similar. If you wish to generate your own maps, then consider downloading the GPS tracks and using a mapping package such as Mapsource. See Generating and printing paper maps for more information.

TM Front Face Google Map
(pan & zoom or expand to full map)

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