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Grootkop + Yellowwood Traverse

Location: Grootkop is the large rocky rounded peak that blocks the view of the end of the Apostles range. The Apostles path passes it on the Eastern side. 

Overview: The ascent of Grootkop is an outing on it's own, but the day can be lengthened by including the near circumnavigation of the peak via the Yellowwood traverse. There are many routes to get to the vlakte in front of Grootkop, and the one shown in the slideshow is from Rontree Estate, Camps Bay, via the Pipe Track and the 3 Firs path (the Firs are long gone of course!), then along the Apostles path. The return was down Corridor Ravine. The Yellowwood traverse may be done clockwise or counter-clockwise, as shown in this accompanying slideshow.

Key Statistics
Grade:  2 **** a double feature day
Height gain:  174mfrom 683m vlakte in front to 857m summit
Time:  1 hr up,  30 mins down, another 1 hr for traverse

Route Description:
Refer to the captions on the pictures in the slideshows.