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Erica Buttress

Location: Starts from the Newlands Forest station.

Overview: A Route pioneered by Jeff Goy that ascends the lower sections of Erica Buttress to the Ledges-Ascension traverse.Then the way is along that traverse and across to Newlands ravine which is used for the descent. For the description of the Traverse refer to the Ascension Traverse page on this website. That will get you to the Knife Edge and from there you descend to the top of Newlands Ravine.

Key Statistics
Grade:  3 *
Height gain:  750mfrom 90m to 840m
Time:  4 hrs up, 2 down depending on route

Route Description of Erica Buttress 'B':
 Ascension Ravine comes down the Eastern side of Table Mountain finishing in a big waterfall on the bottom rocks. Go up to the bottom of the waterfall following the track to the contour path directly above the Newlands Forest Station. Continue up into the forest (no path) ascending to the right of the stream. When you reach the waterfall traverse to the right under the cliffs. Go around the corner and move diagonally up for about 30 metres to reach another high ledge via a short B pitch on the right hand corner. It’s a bit bushy here.

Traverse on this level under the cliffs, right around Ascension Buttress, crossing Erica Ravine. Go up two short easy B pitches, gaining about 20 metres just before the crest of the buttress and prepare to tackle a short dassie traverse around the crest. This is quite exposed but goes at easy B (a rope is useful though). It is best done sitting on the rock, facing outwards.

The ledge widens considerably thereafter, and continues traveling to the right. Bypass the steep rock above you, until you reach an obvious gully above you. Here one finds a few short B pitches leading directly upwards, and through the rock. The rock climbing is over now.

Going directly upwards leads easily to the lower traverse leading left into Ascension Ravine. To get to the upper traverse, traverse to the right around the crest of the buttress, and move up an easy gully to reach it. This traverse goes to the right and finishes up on the knife edge just below the Ledges route.

Above description kindly supplied by Jeff Goy.