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Hout Bay & Sandy Bay

Hout Bay Area Routes Grade Time (h)
[A] Sunset Rocks to Logie Rocks  2 ****    
 1 or 2
[B] Oudeschkip and Bos 400  2 **
 2 or 4
[C] Duiker Ridge  3 ***
 6 to 8
[D] Suther Peak  2 **
 4 to 5
[E] Hout Bay to Sandy Bay  4 ***  7 to 8
[F] Coast around Sentinel  2 **  2 to 3
[G] Sentinel  1 **  1 to 2
[H] Sentinel SE Ridge  4 ****  2 to 3
[I] Little Lions Head  3 ***  1 to 2
[J] Skoorsteenkam sub  3 ***  4 to 5
[K] Skoorsteenkam  3 ***  4 to 5
This area includes some real gems, ranging from short easy walks to the long, difficult and truly spectacular.  Given the wide range, the typical duration of each route is also shown in the table below.  But remember that the times are a rough guide and could be substantially less for a small, fit party or much longer for a big, slow party.  There are some issues that need to be highlighted about this area:
  • Sandy Bay  had seen a number of muggings during 2007-2010 and as of 2011 it is advised to enter Sandy Bay with extreme caution, inquiring locally before you do so.  
  • The coastal route from Hout Bay to Sandy Bay is much longer (and more difficult) than it appears and many have been caught out on this route, particularly with rising tides. There is also no cell phone reception on this incredibly wild and lonely stretch of coast, so be very cautious and well prepared.
  • The Sentinel is private property and although access has not been limited, this could change.  The Hangklip area below the Sentinel has also been subject to community protests from time to time (over the possible sale of the Sentinel and restrictions on housing) so take care and inquire locally.
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