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Kalk Bay Kam

 North side of Kalk Bay Peak, Silvermine South.  The route can be approached from Silvermine South parking off Ou Kaapse Weg, or from Kalk Bay or Baileys Kloof i.e. many options.  Take your pick. Ditto for the return. 

Overview: A whimsical  little route that makes a fun alternative to walking up the path.  Follows the ridge line all the way so easy to find and follow. Has many interesting cracks, dells and caves. Ideal for children - of all ages! Although cross country, it is easy going with minimal bush. 

Key Statistics
Grade:  2 ***  Mainly 1 with a few bits of 3 if you look hard! 
Height gain:  400mfrom 100m to 515m
Time:  2 hrs up, 1 down depending on approach

Route Description:
About 100m from the jeep track along the path towards Kleintuinkop and Berties Balcony, the path goes over the ridge that runs up to Kalk Bay Peak and drops down to cross a small stream (usually dry).  Turn off the path on the ridge before it goes down to the stream and follow the ridge all the way up. Easier to visualise on the map than explain... 

The route meanders through various dells, cracks and caves, with a few scrambles here and there - if you look for them. Ideal for children - of all ages! All the rock steps can by bypassed by easy terrain on either the left or right. 

About two thirds of the way up, Spook Cave is encountered. There is path leading into Spook Cave from the main path up Kalk Bay Peak which runs parallel to the ridge.  From Spook Cave there is a faint track leading up the peak with cairns.  Below there were no cairns so appeared to be a "new" route although one hesitates to call a route like this new. It's just a fun alternative to the usual rather flat and boring walks through Silvermine South. 

"Opening" party: 1 April 2014  Tony Heher, Peggy de Kock, Margie Growse, Kathleen Holtzhausen, Lucille Krige, Anne Price, Ralph Roseman, Elizabeth Trew and Duncan Woolley (on a regular U3A CMCA meet...)

Click map to see full size or download PDF route description below

Kalk Bay Kam.gpx
Tony Heher,
Apr 2, 2014, 8:27 AM
Tony Heher,
Apr 2, 2014, 1:16 PM