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Frustration Gorge

Location: Deep wooded ravine right of the prominent rocky Frustration Buttress in orange Kloof 

Overview: There is no Frustration Ravine, only a Frustration Gully, and Frustration Gorge.  The Frustration is a waterfall to be avoided by an awkward narrow traverse ledge out left, then another narrow traverse back right a bit higher up.
Otherwise a pleasant and lovely wooded gorge.

Key Statistics
Grade:  3 ****
Height gain:  560m: from 140m to 700m
Time:  3 hrs up, 2/3 down depending on route

Route Description: See the slide show pictures. The easiest descent route is known as the Slangolie Cutback which is not usually marked on the maps of Table Mountain. It is the open ravine that starts at the head of Slangolie ravine and leads down into Orange Kloof.