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Koeberg Nature reserve

Covers Routes in the Eskom Nature reserve at Duynefontein , West Coast which are listed in the table below. 

Route Grade:
Grysbok trail   1 **
Dikkop trail   1***  
Mountain bike trail   
Google Map of area

Pan and zoom the map and click on a placemark to see the range names. The map can be viewed in either Map or Satellite or Terrain View - each has their uses. In Map view, for example, the borders of the Cape Nature Reserves are shown.

To view the original map full screen, click here. This has additional information which is not available on the embedded map. On the full Google Map, for example, one can click on a range name and see its location as opposed to clicking on a location to see its name.

Eskom have provided 2 Hiking trails and a Mountain Bike circuit in the Koeberg reserve around the Nuclear Power station. They also have an Education centre which is excellent, but opening hours are limited.
All these facilities are a good advertisement for Eskom's 'green' attempts.

The short Grysbok trail starts next to the Info Centre so a combined visit is practical provided you are able to be there during the unfortunately limited opening times. The combination is ideal for youth groups, but a great pity is that the trail does not give access to the beach section.

The Dikkop trail has sadly been amended and now entails walking too much on some of the roads and most significantly no longer crosses the huge sand dunes which were one of the main attractions. Apparently Eskom management believed hikers were unable to follow the route markers across the sand fields. See sub page for details of the Dikkop Trail.

MM Koeberg Dikkop Trail

MM Info Centre and Grysbok Trail