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Els Buttress

Location: Newlands Forest

Overview: An interesting alternative to Newlands Ravine, but has some exposed and difficult rock pitches.  A rope may be advised. It's not a good route if wet. 

Key Statistics
Grade:  4 *** Several rock pitches, exposed
Height gain:  750m: from 90m to 840m
Time:  4-5 hrs up, 2 down depending on route

Route Description: 

The start is about 500m (half way) up Newlands Ravine from the contour path at the the 600m level.  It is near the point where Newlands Ravine emerges from the trees into more open ground where the path takes a zig-zag from the left to the right side of Newlands Ravine. 

There are two tracks leading off from this point just 10m apart. Skip the first, which traverses on the level, and take the second which goes up on a steep ascending traverse to the first rock band.

Traverse left at the base of the rock band to an obvious crack leading up through the band.  This is the most difficult pitch and although only about 5-6m, a rope may be required. This pitch is unpleasant if wet. 

After this pitch the route is obvious following the ridge all the way to the Knife Edge through numerous rock bands, most easy but some more challenging and exposed. It is also possible to bypass some of the steps to either the left or right.  

The quickest return is down Newlands Ravine, but there are a variety of options.... take your pick. 

Els Buttress & Newlands Ravine.gpx
Tony Heher,
Sep 5, 2015, 5:29 AM
Tony Heher,
Sep 5, 2015, 5:30 AM