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Three Firs

South side of Spring Buttress and north of Slangolie Ravine. 

Overview: A pleasant alternative up to the Apostles path instead of the usual Kasteels, Diagonal or Corridor

Key Statistics
Grade:  2 *** Clean easy walk with a single rock step
Height gain: 540m: from 180m to 720m (780 to top Slangolie)
Time:  3 hrs up, 2+ down depending on side trips

Route Description:
Take the pipe track from Theresa Av towards Corridor.  Shortly after crossing woody Ravine and before Slangolie, there is an exposed section of pipe with a rock shelf next to it.  Take off up a steep zig-zag path up to the buttress above. (See picture below.)

At the buttress, the path splits left and right.  The left hand path goes up Spring Buttress.  Take the right path.  A short way round is corner a short rock step. Scramble up and around. A bit exposed but not difficult.

After the rock step follow a right ascending traverse towards Slangolie Ravine and then up a long easy slope to the Apostles path. The path is rocky but well defined. 

Often combined with a visit to Tranquility Cracks and down Corridor, but Wood Ravine, Kasteels Poort or Diagonal are all alternative descents. 
Tony Heher,
Mar 29, 2016, 12:18 PM
3 Firs Tranquility Corridor.gpx
Tony Heher,
Mar 29, 2016, 12:10 PM